North Suburban HAMMOND ORGAN Society

Page 10 will be here eventually! (As soon as I get time to create it). It takes a lot of time and effort (and considerable research, too) to develop these technical pages. Meanwhile, I hope that you have found all of these of interest. I find all of this electronic-musical stuff very interesting, not only through using it, but also how it does what it does. I have always felt that understanding how something complex works is very beneficial in using it to best advantage. In understanding a Hammond organ and Laurens Hammond's ideas behind the drawbars, for example, you can develop really interesting sounds and also play better. Hopefully, if you are reading these tech articles, you will feel likewise. And don't forget, if you are in the area, drop by at one of our monthly meetings and visit. We're always glad to find more like-minded individuals who share our interest in the fascinating field of Hammond organs, electronic musical instruments in general and related devices and subjects.

My most recent efforts regarding these web pages have concerned the cell phone. I am gradually adapting these pages to display well on the small screen of a typical cell phone. This was not a concern previously, but the use of smart phones to access web pages is increasing at a very rapid rate. Pages that look nice on the larger screens of desktops and laptops get compressed to unreadable text on many smartphones, and link buttons are too small and/or too close together to use easily. Thus we need to take that into consideration and develop pages that can display differently depending on what a person is using to view our pages. Before, we used to try to make the pages look good on older web browsers, particularly IE6. But in these modern times, the use of IE6 as a web browser is very small; current statistics show that it has dropped to one percent. Modern browsers such as Firefox and Google Chrome offer so much more, and all my web page efforts now concern modern browsers and smartphones. If you still use IE6, you should dump it and download one of the newer browsers. They are FREE, so there's no expense. And then you can enjoy all the features that today's web pages can deliver.


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