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Hammond X66 Organ

Hammond X66 Console
Left. General view of X66 Console. It's interesting to note that even though the X66s are now around 45 years old, they were so sufficiently advanced in both features and appearance that they are still very suitable contemporary elec-tronic instruments today. In spite of all the almost spiritual devotion that many Hammond aficionados have for the B3, the X66 is the instrument that really deserves the term, "Quintessential Hammond."
Intro to the Hammond X66
Basic waveforms used in X66 Instruments
Additive Harmonic Synthesis
 Formant System, Overview
X66 Percussion System, Overview
X66 Special Tone Wheel Generator
Tonewheel Signal Synchronizer
Frequency Divider
Proportional Keyer
Percussion Keyer
Picture tour through a small portion of an X66
Picture tour cont.
Picture tour cont.
Picture tour cont.

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