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North Suburban HAMMOND ORGAN Society

Instruments; Comments
Sept 30th Don Sansom, The Genial Gentleman of the Hammond, NOTE: different date.
Oct 7th Eric Larson. The Victor Borge of the Hammond
Nov 4th Jim Gregory. Lightning feet
Dec 2nd Eric & Elizabeth Larson and friends. Christmas Program
Jan 6th (Big Ed) Edward Wawrzynowicz. Great way to start off the New Year Concert season
Feb 3rd Don Sansom The Genial Gentleman of the Hammond
March 3rd Bill Lambert & friends. The amazing self-taught Hammond guy who plays like a pro!
April 7th Jim Gregory Lightning feet
May 5th Don Sansom & Eric Larson. Hammond & Piano duet program
June 2nd Don Sansom & Eric Larson Hammond & Piano duet Program, (Repeat of last month but new songs and/or arrangements)
July July 25 Annual Members' Concert All of our playing members get an opportunity to play.
August 4 Bill Lambert w/ Eric Larson Lambert & Larson. Sounds like it should be a law firm!
September 7 Don Sansom: note date change The Genial Gentleman of the Hammond
October 6 Ed Wawrzynowicz This will be a fun and enjoyable afternoon, guaranteed!
Sunday Nov 5 Joanne McMahon / Eric Larson BIG PIPE ORGAN-First Cong. Church in Ipwsich. Details soon. TIME 2:30PM.
Friday Dec 1 DON SANSOM / Eric Larson The genial Gentleman of the Hammond once again!
Friday Jan 19 Mike Stelzen, Jim Gregory & Eric Larson Introducing a new artist! And also Lightning Feet J.G. Note date change, original program cancelled because of storm
Friday Feb 2 Jim Gregory & Eric Larson Lightning feet and Arpeggio Man, last minute program change from what was previously posted here.
Friday March 2 Don Sansom & Eric Larson Piano/Hammond duets
Friday April 6 To Be Announced We'll know soon!

The blue area represents new programs, orange area represents completed programs, yellow is the next scheduled event. Our meetings are typically on the first Friday of the month unless further notice. Red means something different which needs your attention. Programs are from 1:30-3:50 PM. Program update as of 1 16 18: On Friday the 19th, we introduced a new artist to you, Mike Spelzen. In February, we were supposed to have Don Sansom with us, but he had a very bad cold and could not be with us, so on a hasty moment's decision, I called Jim Gregory who fortunately was in the area and came in to do the program with me. At this next meeting in March, we will finally get Don Sansom who, when I checked eaerlier today, is feeling a lot better and ready to make music again.

Join us for our events. We have a great time and we like to share. If you like popular music and have an interest in keyboard musical instruments, this is the place to be on the first Friday of every month. Although once in a while it may still be on a different day, so be sure to check this website, and in particular, this page for any last minute changes. Also, be sure to see what instruments our members and friends are selling. See our FOR SALE page.

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